At the present time my collection of radios is rather limited.

My main transceiver is an ICOM IC-706MKIIG. I installed two filters, the FL100 and the FL232, as well as the optional high-stability local oscillator. It is a great rig.

I have both the AH-4 long wire tuner, and the AT-180 coax tuner to go along with the radio.

Other options include:

CT-17, the RS-232 version of the CI-V interface

Remote mounting kit

Recently, with the help of Adam, VA7OJ, I did some work on an old boat-anchor receiver I've had for years.


 The CW filters are a mechanical design similiar to the famous Collins filters. The foam inside the filter had turned to 'goo' and impaired the performance. We carefully opened the filter and cleaned out all the sticky residue and repackaged the filter with new foam. The receiver once again has good 'ears'.